There are some hot days in the East Bay as summer comes to a close. With hot weather comes hot tempers and the NFL is no exception.

Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick allegedly got into a scuffle before Aldon's most recent run in with the law. Later reports said that any rumor of a fight was bullshit and Aldon's potentially career ending arrest was due to a legendary lack of judgement, not an angry outburst. Could the Niners offseason get any better? 

Cam Newton and CB Josh Norman started a brawl in Carolina that ended with no DUI's or Car crashes. Too bad the Jugger-Nots of the NFC South are going to crash and burn in the playoffs.

A backup linebacker punched Geno Smith in the face and broke his jaw which is expected to take 6-10 weeks to fully recover. Some are saying it was a sucker punch, we think this guy was just trying to give the J-E-T-S Jets a legitimate chance by getting rid of the 32nd best (i.e. WORST) QB in the league. 

I guess the defensive players decided if they can't hit Quaterbacks in the regular season anymore, they better get in all their shots before Opening day. 

We are just as ready for football as all of you, let us know what you think in a comment or on the Facebook page, and be sure to be at Farrington's Septmber 10th-14th for the first week of Pro Football. We got every game on multiple HD TVs, catered food, and a great family.