Its been hot as hell in the East bay and we have been cooling off with the coldest pints in Contra Costa. Our two Glycol beer towers keep the brews colder than any typical tap and we are just down the road from Walnut Creek. 

Football is finally here. Ok its just preseason, and no matter how much you want to care you realize its just a bunch of back ups fighting for spot on the roster. One highlight from the Week 1 of the preseason is that Australian Rugby star Jarryd Hayne had great performance for the 49ers, and has a damn good chance at making the final roster. 

English Premier League Soccer just started up and if you want to see a game we are the only Irish Bar in Contra Costa County that has them all starting at 7 am. Whether you like American Football or Association Football, Farringtons in Pleasant Hill is the best place to catch every game.

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