Steelers vs Patriots (21-28). Brady and the boys from Boston took it to the Steelers and looked impressive from the get go. Also their pregame ceremony was basically a big middle finger to Roger Goodell and they backed it up on the field.

Colts @ Buffalo (14-27) The Colts looked pretty terrible for most of the game, while Rex Ryan’s bills look like a force to be reckoned with.

Green Bay vs Da Bears (31-23) Aaron Rodgers lit it up (as Northern California boys are known to do) against the Bears, who look improved but probably won’t sit atop the NFC North this year.

Seattle @ St. Louis (31-34) The Seahawks managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again when their kicker botched a squib kick in OT. The NFC West is going to be competitive as all hell this year now the Rams have a decent quarterback with two functioning legs.

Browns vs JETS (10-31) If you didn’t watch this game you didn’t miss much besides Josh McCown getting knocked out of the Game in a John Elway-esque Helicopter dive. Also Johnny Football still hasn’t figured his shit out yet.

Bengals vs Raiders (33-13) This loss was a bad one as Jack Del Rio’s Raiders looked awful. Lowpoint of the game was when Pacman Jones ripped off Amari Cooper’s helmet and then tried to smash his head on to said helmet. Worst part is he won’t be suspended and the refs threw a flag on Austin Edwards who was trying to stop the scuffle. Only the Raiders could be penalized for trying to do the right thing

Giants @ Dallas (26-27).  Tony Romo made another 4th quarter comeback against the Giants. When Eli couldn’t get the ball in the endzone and decided to throw the ball away instead of taking the sack to burn time off the clock, you knew it wasn’t looking good for the Giants. The football gods, blessed as they be, do not let that shit go unpunished. For the Cowboys they live by the Romo and Die by the Romo, and lucky for them good Romo showed up when they needed him most.

For all the other games: Broncos beat the Ravens in a surprisingly boring game, Panthers vs Jaguars was about what you’d expect (shitty), San Diego somehow came back and beat the Lions, Mariota threw 4 Td’s against the inept Bucs, Kansas City destroyed the Texans despite two garbage time TDs, Miami beat the Redskins & Arizona beat the Saints.

Come Check out the Niners vs Minnesota tonight at Farringtons. Its been 9 months since the last Monday Night Football game & tonight we got two. How could you say to no to the 49ers playing at home on Monday Night Football, Half off Drinks from 7-10, and a great time with your friends down at Farringtons?

So come on by to the best bar in Pleasant Hill & Walnut Creek, and watch the 49ers first game of the 2015 season.

-Farringtons Bar, Pleasant Hill


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