Fantasy Football Friday

Last week's sleeper picks: Doug, Martin (5) , Nelson Agholor (0), Carson Palmer (29), and Panthers D (22).

Carson Palmer scored the second most points of any quarterback with 29.(5th best score overall) Panthers D scored the most points from any defense with 22. And Doug Martin and Nelson Agholor didn't show up at all. Not too bad for week 1.

Week 2 picks we are going to keep it short and sweet.

RB starters:

  • Carlos Hyde should tear it up against the Steelers defense which looked subpar.
  • Chris Ivory (NYJ) against the Colts (26th Rushing defense in league last week) looks like a solid starter.
  • Justin Forsett at Raiders, Sorry Raiders fans but it doesn't seem like Del Rio has got the defense straightened out yet. 

Sit: Melvin Gordon, Alfred Morris

QB Starters:

  • Carson Palmer should put up another good performance against the Bears Defense. 
  • Matt Ryan. Calling it now 20+ points by Matty Ice.
  • Marcus Mariota. Super Mario lit up the Bucs last week and the Browns should be no different.

Sit:  Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill

WR & TE Starters: 

  • Brandin Cooks vs the Bucs will be a much better matchup than 1v1 on Patrick Peterson was in week 1
  • Jason Witten is going to be one of Romo's favorite targets with Dez Bryant out, and I don think the Eagles have an answer.
  • Julio Jones may be risky with his hamstring injury but he should put up big numbers against the Giants.

Sit: Davante Adams, Jordan Reed.


  • Start: Rams, Lions, Panthers
  • Sit: Bears, Raiders, Bucs

Come Back next week to check out more picks and come by Farringtons in Pleasant Hill to have great time day or night. 




The NFL is Back Baby.

Steelers vs Patriots (21-28). Brady and the boys from Boston took it to the Steelers and looked impressive from the get go. Also their pregame ceremony was basically a big middle finger to Roger Goodell and they backed it up on the field.

Colts @ Buffalo (14-27) The Colts looked pretty terrible for most of the game, while Rex Ryan’s bills look like a force to be reckoned with.

Green Bay vs Da Bears (31-23) Aaron Rodgers lit it up (as Northern California boys are known to do) against the Bears, who look improved but probably won’t sit atop the NFC North this year.

Seattle @ St. Louis (31-34) The Seahawks managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again when their kicker botched a squib kick in OT. The NFC West is going to be competitive as all hell this year now the Rams have a decent quarterback with two functioning legs.

Browns vs JETS (10-31) If you didn’t watch this game you didn’t miss much besides Josh McCown getting knocked out of the Game in a John Elway-esque Helicopter dive. Also Johnny Football still hasn’t figured his shit out yet.

Bengals vs Raiders (33-13) This loss was a bad one as Jack Del Rio’s Raiders looked awful. Lowpoint of the game was when Pacman Jones ripped off Amari Cooper’s helmet and then tried to smash his head on to said helmet. Worst part is he won’t be suspended and the refs threw a flag on Austin Edwards who was trying to stop the scuffle. Only the Raiders could be penalized for trying to do the right thing

Giants @ Dallas (26-27).  Tony Romo made another 4th quarter comeback against the Giants. When Eli couldn’t get the ball in the endzone and decided to throw the ball away instead of taking the sack to burn time off the clock, you knew it wasn’t looking good for the Giants. The football gods, blessed as they be, do not let that shit go unpunished. For the Cowboys they live by the Romo and Die by the Romo, and lucky for them good Romo showed up when they needed him most.

For all the other games: Broncos beat the Ravens in a surprisingly boring game, Panthers vs Jaguars was about what you’d expect (shitty), San Diego somehow came back and beat the Lions, Mariota threw 4 Td’s against the inept Bucs, Kansas City destroyed the Texans despite two garbage time TDs, Miami beat the Redskins & Arizona beat the Saints.

Come Check out the Niners vs Minnesota tonight at Farringtons. Its been 9 months since the last Monday Night Football game & tonight we got two. How could you say to no to the 49ers playing at home on Monday Night Football, Half off Drinks from 7-10, and a great time with your friends down at Farringtons?

So come on by to the best bar in Pleasant Hill & Walnut Creek, and watch the 49ers first game of the 2015 season.

-Farringtons Bar, Pleasant Hill


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Fantasy Football with Farringtons

The NFL season starts this Thursday and with that comes the start of Fantasy Football. We will have every game on Sundays where you can watch all your players at the same time.

We will also have our picks and suggestions going in to the weekend posted here before Thursday Night Football. So heres our first picks for the first week:

Running Backs:

Starters: Adrain Peterson, Eddie Lacy, Jamall Charles, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte, Jeremy Hill, & pretty much anyone of your first picks. 

Sleeper Pick:. Doug Martin against the Titans Defense should be a good matchup.

Riding the Pine: TJ Yeldon & CJ Anderson. Have second thoughts about starting these guys.

Wide Receivers/TE:

Start: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, & Odell Beckahm Jr.

Sleeper Pick: Nelson Agholor: Great hands and should matchup well against ATL secondary.                                                                          

Second Thoughts. Jimmy Graham may not burst out for the gate like everyone thinks, after a mediocre Preseason. Rams Defense is also one for he best in the league.

Quarter backs:

Start: Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Ben Rothlisberger, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, & Ryan Tannehill.

Sleeper Picks: Carson Palmer coming back against the Saints should do well.

Second Thoughts. Cam Newton may be playing the Jaguars but has little talent around him at the WR position.


Start: Seahawks, Rams, Bills, & almost any top 15.

Sleeper Pick: Panthers still have a good Defense and they are playing the Jaguars so expect a big week. 

Sit: Giants Defense is sub par and they are going against the potent Cowboys Offense. Think twice about starting the Giants D.


We will check back next week to cover breakout performances and predictions for Week 2.




DJ Maudell Coming to Thursday Nights

Here at Farringtons we are lucky to have a new artist coming to our weekend lineups. DJ Maudell, a Bay Area veteran, is coming to Farringtons on Thursday nights. 

Maudell got motivated to pursue a career in music after a motorcycle accident almost handicapped his future. Through hard  work and determination he taught himself the ropes and rehabbed his body. We know a winner when we see one and this guys work ethic and killer beats have opened up doors for him to play exclusive events hosted by top Billboard names like Drake, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Omarion, Pleasure P, Melanie Fiona, and many more. 

Dj Maudell got his break in San Francisco and has had the pleasure to perform for the Warriors, 49ers, Raiders, and be the exclusive DJ for events hosted by Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch.

We hope you come check him out every Thursday night, only at Farringtons. 



Staying Current with Curry

Steph Curry cleared up any doubts about his future in the Bay Area by saying, " Free Agency isn't really appealing to me because I love where I'm at, love the organization I'm playing for, and the Bay Area is home for me and my family." Steph loves it here, we just locked down Draymond for 5 more years, and the Warriors seem to be putting something great together. (knock on wood) 

 Although some people say it is an odd year for the Giants, our boys across the bridge seem to be turning up the heat going into September. Hitting has been hot, Pitching not quite what it used to be but still going strong, and above all they have got experience which many over these other teams are lacking. Hopefully they can keep this surge going and get on one of their crazy playoff runs. (Unfortunately for the A's Billy Beane Moneyballed too hard and their season was dead in the water since back in June).

Although we don't typically serve food at the bar, this Fall we will have professional catering from the Plaza Cafe & Los Gallos on Saturdays and Sundays. We will have a full menu with servers that deliver to your table. We dare you to find any other Irish Bar in Contra Costa County that has catering from two different restaurants.  

Check out our Photos page to see reactions at the bar during both Championship series wins from the past year.


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Cold ones in Contra Costa

Its been hot as hell in the East bay and we have been cooling off with the coldest pints in Contra Costa. Our two Glycol beer towers keep the brews colder than any typical tap and we are just down the road from Walnut Creek. 

Football is finally here. Ok its just preseason, and no matter how much you want to care you realize its just a bunch of back ups fighting for spot on the roster. One highlight from the Week 1 of the preseason is that Australian Rugby star Jarryd Hayne had great performance for the 49ers, and has a damn good chance at making the final roster. 

English Premier League Soccer just started up and if you want to see a game we are the only Irish Bar in Contra Costa County that has them all starting at 7 am. Whether you like American Football or Association Football, Farringtons in Pleasant Hill is the best place to catch every game.

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Hot August nights, NFL training camp fights.

There are some hot days in the East Bay as summer comes to a close. With hot weather comes hot tempers and the NFL is no exception.

Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick allegedly got into a scuffle before Aldon's most recent run in with the law. Later reports said that any rumor of a fight was bullshit and Aldon's potentially career ending arrest was due to a legendary lack of judgement, not an angry outburst. Could the Niners offseason get any better? 

Cam Newton and CB Josh Norman started a brawl in Carolina that ended with no DUI's or Car crashes. Too bad the Jugger-Nots of the NFC South are going to crash and burn in the playoffs.

A backup linebacker punched Geno Smith in the face and broke his jaw which is expected to take 6-10 weeks to fully recover. Some are saying it was a sucker punch, we think this guy was just trying to give the J-E-T-S Jets a legitimate chance by getting rid of the 32nd best (i.e. WORST) QB in the league. 

I guess the defensive players decided if they can't hit Quaterbacks in the regular season anymore, they better get in all their shots before Opening day. 

We are just as ready for football as all of you, let us know what you think in a comment or on the Facebook page, and be sure to be at Farrington's Septmber 10th-14th for the first week of Pro Football. We got every game on multiple HD TVs, catered food, and a great family.   



Dog Days of Summer

As you can see we have a new web site and we are adding new content all the time. This is the the dead time of the year for sports, but that is all going to change soon, with the NFL training camps opening up football is right around the corner.

This year we are going to have food delivered directly from the Plaza on Sundays durning football season. So we will have great food and Pleasant Hill's best Sunday bartender Ani behind the bar.

We try to set our layout of the games every week so that you can watch your team and the other teams from your division from the same seat. Like always we will have our weekly maps of where each NFL game is on what TV in the bar.



Why the Hell do we have a blog?

This is not going to be your typical blog. No emotional essays, No political outrage, No bullshit. Ok maybe some bullshit. We are going to talk about whats happening in Sports, Libations, the Bay Area, and Beyond. 

You can expect weekly updates with betting odds, fantasy predictions, scores, reviews, and some occasional trash talk. Football season is right around the corner and we are a ready as anyone for kickoff opening day.

The best bar in Contra Costa Country just started the best blog of any bar around.

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